Who We Are

Company Philosophy

We at AMVLET GROUP call ourselves “digital nomads”: Our workplace is anywhere and everywhere. Contrary to many other companies, our team does not work from a company building, but from wherever they choose to work – the only things we need is our computer, smartphone, a stable internet connection, and our creative minds.

By choosing not to work from a set place, AMVLET GROUP not only has the opportunity to employ the most competent people regardless of their location, but also to maintain a relatively low CO2 footprint.

Moreover, AMVLET GROUP is a family-friendly company, where kindness is a key priority. The remote working positions improve our team’s life quality and ensure an effective and efficient work atmosphere.

Our members decided to be a part of AMVLET GROUP because they support our beliefs and want to take action.

Board Members

Jörg Trouvain
Leading Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor


Michael H.W. Schmitz
Chief Executive Officer
Prof. Christopher Ledwig
Chief Creative Officer
Stephan Gillmeier, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer
Julius Schmitz


Maria Kruber
Chief Finance Officer
Kolja Heskamp
Fundraising Consultant


Ruby Pieper
Art Director
Ben Sufiani
Digital Marketing Director
Sally Kolasa
Chief Communications Officer


Amin El Gafarawi
Lead User Experience Designer
Fabian Kortylewiz
Art Director
Marcel Benz
Junior Art Director
Lucas Hergarten
Junior Art Director


Katharina Wegner, Ph.D.
Big Data Scientist
Amr Omran
Senior Mobile Applications Developer
Kiriakos Krastillis
Engineering Lead - Backend